833 Song Wad Road, Samphanthawong District, Bangkok  
 Provincial Administration Department, Ministry of Interior Awarding
 Honorary Shield
 Lao Pun Tao Kong Shrine
Samphanthawong District, Bangkok Metropolis Outstanding
 Management Shrine for 2009 
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          This Lao Pun Tao Kong Shrine was established by the strong faith and belief of immigrated Chinese from mainland and embarked at Song Wad pier, which was formerly a pier to use for transport the goods and there was contacted with a lot of foreigners, the immigrated Chinese, who wanted to have morale to work, which was not the native place of themselves, then they had set up the shrine as their respect place and to be up hold their morale, wishing the mighty of sacred object to protect them for their daily lives and to conduct the trade, especially the Tio Chew Chinese, in this regard, it was due to they travelled from China in former time, they had received a great difficulty, therefore to believe in god, because they believed that god would protect and help them, when they were faced with obstacles or problems, they would be saved and succeeded in their work, it was compared with morale, which it made to be encourage and patience to hardship in working as to be evident, which was the giant bell in the shrine with Chinese characters. This is obviously evidenced, which was the giant bell in the shrine with Chinese characters by inscription that to be built in the 4th year of Tao Kwang King of Ching Dynasty. The time was around B.E. 2367, corresponding to the King Rama III of Thailand’s Chakri Dynasty.

          From the map of fire broke out at Sam Peng Sub-district on April 4, B.E. 2449, it was to show that, the formerly shrine was located at the back area of present shrine, the present shrine was built, according to evidence recorded form stone plate, which is affixed on the wall of exterior on the left side of building, recoded the details on restoration of shrine, which was summaried that this shrine was the shrine, which overseas Tio Chew Chinese in Thailand who gave a great respect, Ming Gog, the 5th year B,E. 2460, having new construct with the donation from the committee and devotees was total 36,000 baht and took 28 years to be completed in Ming Gog 32nd year (B.E. 2488) At Present (B.E. 2552) This building is 64 years old and in B.E. 2550, there had great restoration and repairs and constructed the archway and the door of the shrine, in order to celebrate, due to the occasion the King Bhumiphol Adulyadej, celebrate his 80th years old, by the Tio Chew Chinese Association of Thailand, Session 34th under the leading of Association’s President, Mr. Wisit Leelasithorn, including the 7 devotees to construct with the budget for construction of 10 million baht, according to inscription plate on the front part of the wall of building on the left side, when passing the threshold of shrine (Due to this shrine is under the care of Tio Chew Chinese Association of Thailand)

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