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            Lao Pun Tao Kong god is comparable to chief god in such local, is a local god, who watches to protect the hardship of the people in such area, Chinese shrines in the market or residence of Chinese, if it is not housed Pun Tao Kong god as a shief in shrine, must be established to be a second god, in the most fresh markets, shall be set up Pun Tao Kong god to be chief in order to protect the peacefulness and glory of the trade "Pun Tao Kong" is Tio Chew Language, in Mandarin, it called "PERNTOWKONG" or "PERNTOWKANG" Many Chinese academicians have opinions that Pun Tao Kong god and Taperkong (Tuapaekong) is the same god of the god of navigator in the reign of Song Dynasty, by the former name called "Towkong", but in Penang, the people called this god "Perntowkong", in the Philippines, they called this god "Perntowkang"

            "Puntaokong" is regarded to be the god that Tio Chew Chinese and Fujian Chinese are very much respect, the second, that is Chao Mae Kuan Im, Chao Mae Tian How (Machao or Chao Mae Khaimuk) Kuan Oo god, the god of north (Hiangtiansiangti-Tio Chew) or Thais called Chao Por Sua and Chao Mae Juibowniew (Hainan) or Chao Mae Tubtim.

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