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          There are 3 altars are as follows: There is altar in the center to be altar of Hing Siangti or "Tua Laoia" for 2 gods, this god wear costume of Chinese noblemen with a long black beard, sitting posture with left hand holding the sword, one of his feet steps on the turtle and other foot steps on snake "TUALAOIA" by the god status is higher level more han Poontaokong god, which is the local god, this Lao Pun Tao Kong shrine, there is the chief god of the shrine, that is "TUALAOIA"

          The right altar (when facing to shrine) is the location of "Pun Tao Kong’ god, in standing posture wear costume as a warrier in the same altar and there is a statue of warrier to stand beside Pun Tao Kong god.

          The left altar or the right side of TUALAOIA God, called "Juihoksing" is the altar to include the various gods by "JUUI" it means all of you and "HOKSING" it means the god above altar shall be housed Mae Kuan Im god, Phrasangkasjai Chaisingia ect.

          The altar on the right side, the front part of the building, when enter the door of the shrine, it shall be altar of Pun Tao Kong god, in the sitting posture with long black beard, wearing the costume of Chinese noblemen, the right hand, holding the baton (youie) from the evidence of inscription, the area of sitting, it is expected that shall be constructed in B.E. 2525

          The entrance of the shrine shall have a joss stick bowl for worship the gate keeper god or Muengsing both left and right.

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